We’re BACK in Buxton…& we can’t wait!

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Gemma Miller

Wow! I can’t believe it’s nearly Sunday April 10th & we’re hurtling straight towards The Buxton Vintage Fair! I could wax lyrical for hours about what an amazing venue The Devonshire Dome is & how it truly is the jewel in the crown of the Peak District (in my humble opinion of course!) but let’s just let this amazing photo do the talking eh…

Buxton Vintage Fair The Dome Derbyshire Event Handmade Sunday April 2016

So this shot was taken by my dear photographer friend Brett Trafford at our very first event in Buxton. It was a bit of a nerve wracking time as it was only the second event we’d ever held & it’s quite a HUGE venue to try & fill really. Looking back now it always amazes me that so many traders who have now gone on to trade with us many, many times & have become really good friends were happy to sign up to a brand new event with a brand new events company & then actually turn up & trade with us at all!

I can probably all let you into a secret now in that I actually didn’t enjoy any of my own events until about 18 months ago. I couldn’t sleep the night before, I certainly couldn’t eat or drink anything on the day & the pedometer on my phone would usually read about 20,000 steps at the end of the day. My jaw would ache the next day from my fixed smile & I’d be so dehydrated I could barely see straight but seeing those first few thousand visitors pour through the doors of our  events way back in 2013 was just the best feeling EVER!

I’m definitely a lot more relaxed now & I do try & find the time to enjoy our fairs a lot more. I often wish that just once I could visit them as a customer & see what all of you lucky people get to see. I’m so proud of how our events have grown & just how high the standard of our traders is & I can only begin to imagine the lengths they must go to dig out the most amazing treasures.

So this Sunday I am going to try & savour the day as much as I can. I love seeing the faces of traders who have never visited this amazing venue, I love finally getting to put a face to the name of someone who has contacted us on twitter & I’d love to get to have a really good leisurely walk around this awesome event but let’s be honest, it’ll be 4pm before I’ve even realised I’ve not had a coffee but I’ve said hello to about 1500 people! RSVP right here & let us know you’ll be joining us!

**Don’t forget that the doors open at 11am this year!!**

What do you love about The Buxton Vintage Fair? Do let us know!

Much Vintage Love,

Gemma xx

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