Dog & Bone Vintage – Your ONLY Vintage Shopping Destination in York!


Dog & Bone Vintage – Your ONLY Vintage Shopping Destination in York!

Meet the lovely Nic from Dog & Bone Vintage up in picturesque York. We’ve spoken via social media lots & both myself & Mr Suitcase have bought stuff online from this fab shop over the past few years but when we decided to take the kids for a cultured (that should be vintage!) weekend away, heading up to York & visiting Dog & Bone was top of our list!

Dog Bone York Gillygate Vintage Clothing Mens Womens Fashion

I coo away endlessly at Nic’s merchandising. He colour blocks all of his stock too which I absolutely adore! The shop always looks pristine & the attention to detail with his window displays is second to none. His lovely lady Verity has a hand in the shop too helping upcycle & rework Nic’s epic vintage fabric stash into cushions & other soft furnishings. I’m a proud owner of a set of her 1950’s barkcloth cushion covers!

So here is where Nic’s story begins…

It was on a rainy day in the middle of a racecourse in Brighton in 2011, when clearing out my own vintage clothes and those I’d collected for years to sell on eBay that I realised that selling vintage was something I wanted to do for a living. At the time, I had no idea how I was going to do it, where I was going amass the quantity of clothing and other bits I wanted to sell but I took a gamble.

Dog Bone York Gillygate Vintage Clothing Mens Womens Fashion

After that rainy day in Brighton, I realised, when I looked around at all these amazing colours and patterns in the tent (which blew away, but that’s another story) that I truly loved selling this amazing clothing. I felt so much more special to me than all the stuff you found on the high street. It was brighter, more colourful and on a strange way, it felt happier, it raised a smile. Clothing that raises a smile, is good clothing. There’s something quite romantic about the fact something is an original piece too, there’s a history to it.

I was lucky enough to have the support of my family, and initially Dog & Bone began travelling the UK & attending fabulous vintage fairs but eventually I settled in York & found the perfect spot for my shop on Gillygate.

Dog Bone York Gillygate Vintage Clothing Mens Womens Fashion

Everything in the shop is treated with a lot of TLC. It’s washed, ironed, mended if needed and it’s ready to wear. I’ve always wanted to provide wearable vintage, and this can date from anywhere from the 1940s to the early 1990s. Vintage to me is classic quality pieces that were at their best at the time of production, may that be a classic floral 50s dress with a full circle skirt, a two-tone 60s dress or a fabulous 80s patterned sports jacket.

Sourcing the right pieces for the shop can be tricky when you have high standards. We source items from all over the world. Dresses can sometimes come from a private seller in the outer reaches of the U.S.A or a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend. We’ll always do as much in our power to get the best but we try and strike a good balance and make everything as affordable as possible.

Dog Bone York Gillygate Vintage Clothing Mens Womens Fashion

In the end I love seeing people wearing vintage, and as much as I like admiring it on the rails in the shop, I’d rather see it on a person, see them smile and feeling and looking amazing in it.

I like to think of the shop at the moment as an organised cave. It feels a bit like Doctor Who’s wardrobe, with wooden wardrobes, metallic features and fabulous bits of history dotted around the shop. I want to create an atmosphere that feels comfortable, happy and fun.

Go give his page a like or follow Nic on instagram for his almost daily updates & definitely go check out this amazing shop if you’re in York!

Much Vintage Love,

Gemma xx

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