Feeling La De Da in Derby!

Gemma Miller

Nights out are few & far between when you & your friends have 9 children between you (Yes, you read that correctly. 9) so birthday celebrations need to be given the treatment they deserve with a big special night out & festivities dragged out for atleast a week. Trying to up the ante on spectacular birthday celebrations is also my thing, so taking my 2 best pals out to Derby for tapas & burlesque seemed like the ideal treat & we hit up Derby last Saturday for a night out at the La De Da Cabaret run by the sensational Scarlett Daggers!

La De Da Cabaret Burlesque Derby Scarlett Daggers Summer of Vintage Festival

The La De Da Cabaret burlesque show runs at the DeDa Theatre in Derby & alongside Scarlett & her resident compere Stage Door Johnny, the night featured Missy Malone, Chi Chi Revolver, Elliot Mason & Eliza Delite who was a last minute replacement for Velma Von Bon bon who fell foul of a unicycle accident just a few hours before the curtain went up. Get well soon Velma! Consummate professionals, the show went on with the fabulous Mimi Libertine keeping everyone in check on the night!

La De Da Cabaret Burlesque Derby Scarlett Daggers Summer of Vintage Festival

So the show runs in three sections or thirds, with a break in between to grab a drink…or in our case cake! Up first was the fabulous compere Stage Door Johnny who sang not only the La De Da Cabaret theme but also showcased his amazing French skills in a rendition of ‘Non, je ne regret rien’ complete with cue cards, loved it! Scarlett wowed the crowds with her ‘Hot Rod Honey’ routine & I’m hugely envious not only of her fire breathing skills but also her tiki goddess head dress too! I wonder if she’ll let me borrow it for ‘The Summer of Vintage Festival’?! Hmmmm…..

La De Da Cabaret Derby Burlesque Scarlett Daggers Summer of Vintage Festival

Flying the burly flag on the night too was Missy Malone who showed us the fiery goddess El Diablo & her Ice Maiden side too. Eliza Delite took us back to the Art Deco era & also performed the ultimate Turkish Delight strip tease too, I’m still wondering where I can get myself a giant powder puff from! Chi Chi Revolver took hula hooping to a whole new level & her second act with the flashing hoops was just sensational. Musical comedy came from Elliot Mason with songs about his girlfriend & corporate branding, take my word for it, he’s hilarious. Go check him out!

Scarlett certainly knows how to put on an amazing show, so much so that we’re hoping to have a very special SOVFest announcement for you very soon! We can’t wait to bring burlesque to Uttoxeter!

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Much Vintage Love,

Gemma xx

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