Please Don’t Miss Miss Nightingale!

Gemma Miller

Please Don’t Miss Miss Nightingale!

Today is your very last chance to see ‘Miss Nightingale – The Musical‘ so I implore you to abandon all plans, forget the DIY & leave the weekend chores for another day. This is a musical that should NOT be missed!

Miss Nightingale Musical 40s 1940s Burlesque Vaudeville Buxton Derbyshire Opera House

Our story begins in 1940s London, a hot bed of sex & scandal within the capital’s thriving club scene. Escapism was the word of the day with people not only wanting to escape the monotony of every day life but also the imminent threat of WW2 bombings & the destruction these bought. So we meet Maggie, nurse by day & saucy cabaret style singer by night. Along with seedy manager Tom & the wickedly funny songwriter George, they want to take London by storm with their Vaudeville act. Cue wealthy investor Sir Frank & it’s not long until Maggie is transformed into ‘Miss Nightingale’ & she becomes the toast of the London club circuit.

‘Miss Nightingale’ is a wickedly funny romp which will not only have you howling with laughter at such classics as “I’ve gone & trapped me pussy in the door” & “You’ve got to get yer sausage where yer can” but it will also pull at your heartstrings as it deals with heartache of hidden love & homosexuality in the 40s.

For me, George played by Conor O’Kane stole the show right from under the nose of the gorgeous Clara Darcy. Superb comic timing mixed with raw emotions, he was amazing! But I really must take my hat off to every single member of the cast who are multi instrumentalists, there was trumpets, clarinets, ukuleles, violins & even a double bass which everyone seemed to take turns of, good skills guys!

This is the final run of shows for 2016 & the Buxton Opera House in Derbyshire is an amazing venue to go & see this show so drop everything & head over there today! I’m off to get me pussy out the door…

Much Vintage Love,

Gemma xx

p.s. Don’t forget that we’re back with the Buxton Vintage Fair on Sunday April 10th, RSVP right here!

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