For The Love Of Tins – Vintage by Hemingway

Gemma Miller

So as you all know, I’ve given up buying vintage for lent. Or more specifically, I’ve given up those ‘spur of the minute’ couple of quid here & there purchases that eat into my bank balance every single week. I left a set of really cute glass jars in Lidl on Thursday. My resolve is strong. But not before I was seduced into a pre-Lent buy of the ‘Vintage by Hemingway‘ range…

So before you start shouting at your computer screen that I’ve already back tracked on my vows, this is a purchase from quite a few weeks ago that I’ve just not got round to writing about but I’m consoling myself in my lack of new stuff by looking back at the stuff I’ve already bought. Are you keeping up? Good.

Now I can’t remember whose instagram account I have to thank for bringing these gorgeous tins & the equally gorgeous Unique & Unity website to my attention, I’m blinded by gorgeous stuff on a daily basis. But it’s safe to say, I saw the tins on someones filtered pictures, clicked the Unique & Unity tag & followed it all the way back to their website. Yes, the power instagram wields over businesses is immense without them even having to try. I’m a testament to this & the bright colours of the ‘Carnival’ range just reeled me straight in.

So you know who Wayne Hemingway is right? Tis he of Camden Market fame who went on to found the Red or Dead label in the 90’s & who now curates ‘A Classic Car Boot Sale’ in London amongst having many other fingers in may other pies. Their ‘Vintage by Hemingway‘ range consists of lots of vintage inspired bathroom & kitchenalia including brightly coloured tins & lots of super cute retro typography. It just so happened to be a happy coincidence that lots of this range are currently in sale on the Unique & Unity website.

Vintage Hemingway Carnival Tins Canisters Vintage Style Suitcase HQ Unique Unity

So say hello to my gorgeous new tea, coffee & sugar caddies. Now if you follow my instagram account, you’ll know that I have some gorgeous cream & gold 50’s canisters but I’ll let you into a secret. I just can’t bear to use them. I want them to stay in pristine condition & at £10 for all 3 canisters, the brightly coloured ‘Carnival’ set have cheered up my kitchen no end. Click right here for more details.

Staying with the ‘Carnival’ theme I couldn’t resist the cake tins either. I do lots of baking & I’m forever running out of good air tight containers to store my spoils in. So I’m completely in love with my cake, scones & biscuits tins too. I feel I should crack out some good ol’ fashioned vintage recipes to fill them with but I’ve never been any good at scones, maybe this is my chance to rectify that! Need them in your home, look no further than here!

Vintage Hemingway Carnival Tins Vintage Style Suitcase HQ Unique Unity

Are you an expert scone baker? Then share your recipes with me & I’ll give them a go! After all, I now have the perfect tins… Don’t forget to check out the Unique & Unity website for lots of other lovely bits & pieces for your home!

Much Vintage Love,

Gemma xx

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