We love nothing more than seeing our name in print and we’ve been lucky enough to feature in lots of fantastic blogs this Summer. If you’d like to join us at one of our wonderful ‘Vintage & Handmade’ events get in touch today and you may be lucky enough to join us as our ‘Vintage VIP’!

First stop was a Vintage Fair organised by the lovely ladies at The Vintage Suitcase. Held at the Imperial Rooms the event had over 30 stalls selling vintage and handmade wares from furniture and textiles, handmade jewellery and rails upon rails of vintage clothing! (heaven?) There was even a vintage Beauty Parlour and Tea Rooms to boot!

As I rummaged through the rails to the soft sounds of vintage music, I couldn’t help but notice the mix of people. Young and old all brought together in the same place through their love of handmade and vintage delights. There was a great atmosphere and enjoyed chat or two with the stall holders who were more than happy to help!

Here’s a little word from Gemma & Allison:

“Our day couldn’t have gone any better, we had some amazing compliments from both our traders and visitors to the fair. We feel that we struck a great balance between clothing, home wares and the inclusion of hand made items so there really was something there for everyone. One thing that we did notice is that people visited the fair in the morning, then went into town and then were back again in the afternoon. So it really was an all day event for most people!”

Darby and Joan


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This last Saturday found me in gorgeous Matlock in the Derbyshire Dales at a fantastic vintage fair called A Summer of Vintage run by the fabulous Vintage Suitcase team. I was doing vintage hair with my pop-up parlour along side Sassy who was doing make-up. It was a really really fun day, I only had a brief 15 minute break from styling all day when I had a rushed look around everyone’s stalls but then got called back to do another ‘do!

Everyone’s stalls were so fabulous and there was a really high standard of products both vintage and hand-made – some real treasures were to be found. I grabbed a few bits my self that I’ll post soon but in the mean time have a look at some of my gorgeous clients from the day.

Sugar, Darling?


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A number of months ago I got invited along to a vintage fair by the lovely ladies of ‘The Vintage Suitcase‘, it had been on my calendar since March so I was rather excited by the time Sunday 28th July came around! Gemma and Allison, the ladies behind the event, had invited me along and given me a secret mission that I had to try and complete…my secret mission was to try NOT to buy anything. Gulp. And if I did insist on buying something, it had to cost less than the amount of money contained in my secret mission envelope.

The fair was held at The Dome in Buxton, a rather spectacular venue for any event, and was truly stunning. It was also rather amusing at times as with it being a dome, there are various ‘echo spots’ around the floor, where peoples whispers (and general conversations) could be heard right across the hall.

Overall it was an absolutely fab day out, and I’m saying that after a 3 hour train journey each way!  The ladies that organised the event are both lovely, and it was so great to meet them, and other vintage business owners.  I’d highly recommend going to one of their fairs, it’s certainly one of the better ones that I’ve been to (and that number is quite large), there was a great mix of vintage, remade vintage, hand made and repro things there.  It was also so lovely to see homewares included in a fair too!  You can catch The Vintage Suitcase’s next fair on Wednesday 7th August at Bakewell.  This is their first year of fairs so next year is sure to be bigger and better, you may even see me there as a trader.

Forties Floozy


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